​​Experience  Counts

Our Screaming Eagle technicians have many years experience in the aerospace, RC and UAV industry.  Having this experience has provided the opportunity and environment for hands on composite fabrication and mold making.  Screaming eagle isn't just about combat aircraft.  We are also expert carbon fiber and composite technicians.

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Monsoon Melee 7-19-15, FPV-  Video 2

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P-51 Speed Plane 

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BREAKING NEWS!      Bandits released

Welcome to Screaming Eagle RC!

Screaming Eagles history is deeply rooted in Radio Controlled combat and Radio controlled flight since 1981.

The popular Skull Bandit aircraft along with the GoDevil are available!

The Skull Bandit is the combination of the best design elements of Open “B” class radio control combat airplanes in the spring of 2002. The Bandit utilizes a profile fuselage created from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  The components of the fuselage are CNC routed, and then the finishing touches are hand crafted and inspected.  It’s unique, and we think very attractive shape combine form and function.  The fuselage hump over the wing which we call the “launch handle”, serves not only as a place to hold for hand launching but securely locks the wing into the fuselage.  The fuselage is only as thick or wide as is needed to survive even the worst strikes and mid-air collisions.

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Whats New?

Screaming Eagle RC  now has a fiberglass .40 sized trainer aircraft that can be fitted with either  a .40 - .46 engine or electric motor. Check out our "Aircraft" page!

Some of the features  are;

  • durable molded fiberglass fuselage
  • ​removable / replaceable tail feathers
  • foam wing​
  • servo boxes for duel aileron servos
  • ​Aluminum main landing gear. and steerable nose gear