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The Ancho 126, designed by Delta Zee has a versatile airframe with modular fuselage / payload sections. The Aircraft is delivered fully integrated with autopilot and test flown. The aircraft can also be delivered as bare airframe, allowing for custom autopilot intigration.

This aircraft  has been flying and tested extensively using a variety of commercial and custom autopilots, i.e. Pixhawk, Lockheed Kestrel, APM2.5 as well as the current NAViO2 autopilot. 

Our customers have been exceedingly happy with the results from the combination of the NAViO2 and 915 mHz telemetry radios.  Pilots and engineers have been experiencing  solid signals well beyond 2.4 gHz capabilities. The standard radios are rated at 1 watt and have a proven range of 30 + Km depending on air data transfer rates. These signals have been a steady 95% RSSI at the edge of sight. The ZeeLinQ radio systems offer even more range and single streaming of control, telemetry, and sensor/video data.

Features :

 Our unique “canoe” belly allows for quick access and changing of payloads with multiple configurations.
Plenty of room for sensor integration.
Hollow molded all composite carbon / Kevlar aramid / glass construction.
Field assembly under 5 minutes.
Sliding wing hold-down for instant CG adjustment.
Alternator/ starters are available.

Physical Specifications:

Wingspan:                               126 inches
Wing chord:                              13 inches
Wing loading :                          36 oz/ ft^2
Length:                                      75 inches
Engine:                                      AzAero 21 cc twin boxer gasoline two stroke
Fuel tank:                                  60 oz Standard


Testing is performed at 25.5 lbs AUW for both Electric and Gasser versions.
Payload was typically 2 kilos of lead as a mass mock-up.
Electric endurance shows to be 80 minutes with a 20,000 mAh LiPo 6S battery. Flights times over 2 hours can be expected with Titan Li-Ion 28,000 mAh 6s 8P batteries of equivalent weight.
Gasser endurance up to 6 hours with a 60 oz fuel tank and up to 5 hours with a 50 oz fuel tank. These times will be improved at altitude when the EFI system is added to the engine.

Optimum cruise speed:             23 m/s (51.4 mph)
Max tested speed:                     35 m/s ( 78.3 mph)
Landing approach speed:         18m/s (40 mph)
Landing speed:                           13 m/s (29 mph)
No flap stall:                                12 m/s (26 mph)
Full flap stall:                               10 m/s (22 mph)
Wind tolerance was not tested or reported
Crosswind component under autopilot only 15 knots @ 30 °