The Go-Devil

The Go-Devil made its debut in 2004 NATS in Muncie, Indiana.

This unique aircraft features a twin boom design that helps protect your radio gear.

The twin fins and a short coupled tail moment allow this plane turn very tight making it an excellent pursuit aircraft !

The wing features a Selig airfoil, High load 40 foam wing cores that are cut using CNC technology.

The fuselage is fabricated from HDPE material which is tough and durable.

The kit comes with:

  • CNC cut sides and engine mounting plate
  • CNC cut wing cores
  • Fiber glass Spars
  • Aileron and trailing edge stock
  • Corrugated plastic fins and horizontal stabilizer
  • Carbon Fiber hold down dowels
  • Screws for assembly

Now Available 

Tuff Skull Trainer

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly but didn't want to risk damaging your aircraft?

Designed with the beginner in mind and modeled after Bandit, The Tuff Skull trainer was designed to be durable and Tuff just like its combating counterpart.  It is the "Bare Bones" Trainer/ sport plane

The Tuff Skull trainer is the latest in our line of durable combat and sport aircraft. The aircraft utilizes a symmetrical  airfoil, solid core foam wing construction and a profile fuselage created from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is a great "all purpose" utility aircraft.  The components of the fuselage are CNC routed, and then the finishing touches are hand crafted and inspected.  This ruggedized trainer will allow you to learn to fly without the concern of minor bumps and dings that can occur in the learning to fly process.

Some of the outstanding features include:

  • Durable one-piece profile fuselage
  • Easy assembly
  • Solid foam core wings
  • Durable corrugated plastic Horizontal and vertical stabalizers
  • Light wing loading
  • Stable flight characteristics


  • Wing span 64"
  • Fuselage length 33"
  • Engine size .40 - .46
  • weight approx. 5 LBs.

The Skull Bandit

The Skull Bandit is the combination of the best design elements of Open “B” class radio control combat airplanes in the spring of 2002.  The Bandit utilizes the Selig airfoil and a profile fuselage created from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  The components of the fuselage are CNC routed, and then the finishing touches are hand crafted and inspected.  It’s unique, and we think very attractive shape combine form and function.  The fuselage hump over the wing which we call the “launch handle”, serves not only as a place to hold for hand launching but securely locks the wing into the fuselage.  The fuselage is only as thick or wide as is needed to survive even the worst strikes and crashes.


Wing span 64"

Fuselage length 25.5"

Engine size .25 - .30

weight approx. 3 lbs 5 oz.

Each kit comes with:

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Prototype test flight 6-21-15

The Tuff Skull Trainer Prototype, took its maiden flight 6-21-15 Although it is a prototype, it flew very nicely!

  • HDPE Fuselage with Lexan wing saddle attached
  • Two Hi-Load 40 wing cores pre-slotted for wing spars (2)
  • Two 1/8” fiberglass rods for use as wing spars (2)
  • Corrugated plastic vertical fin and Elevator/Stabilizer (one each)
  • ¼” dowels for wing hold downs (2)
  • ¼” polypropelyne LE Rod
  • 5/16” X 5/16” balsa trailing edge caps (2)
  • Two 3/8” X 1-1/4” X 36” ailerons (2)

Tuff Skull Demo 7-29-15